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Publications in our database are reports and resource materials produced within the Department of Child and Family Studies, as well as recent journal articles authored by CFS faculty. To view a more thorough listing of recent books, book chapters and articles written or edited by CFS faculty, view our Impact Reports or individual faculty vitas. You may also view the publications by topic on the right of this page.

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Helping Families Address Challenging Behavior: Using Positive Behavior Support in Early Intervention (2013)
Monograph 15 includes discussions of developmentally appropriate innovations in addressing needs of children with challenging behaviors. Practitioner and family-friendly, evidence based articles include topics such as tiered models of support, peer environments, visual supports, family-centered interventions and partnerships, coaching, culturally responsive methods and implementation practices.
State Regulations for Nursing Home Residents with Serious Mental Illness (2013)
This article reviews state regulations for policies relating to nursing home residents with serious mental illness. Interviews were conducted with expert stakeholders.
A Trend Analysis of Participant and Setting Characteristics in Autism Intervention Research (2013)
This analysis was conducted to empirically document the characteristics of individuals with autism who participated in intervention research published between 1995 and 2009 in three journals.
A Trend Analysis of Participant and Setting Characteristics in Autism Intervention Research (2013)
The current trend analysis was conducted to empirically document the characteristics of individuals with autism who participated in intervention research published between 1995 and 2009 in three journals (Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, and Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities).
Effects of Preference on the Emergence of Untrained Verbal Operants (2013)
The study replicated and extended the findings of Wallace, Iwata, and Hanley (2006), who demonstrated conditions that facilitated the transfer from tact to mand relations. Students in the current study were taught to tact both high-preference (HP) and low-preference (LP) items and subsequently were assessed on their ability to mand for those items. The results showed the emergence of mands for HP items but not LP items following tact training.
Arrests among Youth after Out-Of-Home Mental Health Treatment: Comparisons Across Community and Residential Treatment Settings. (2013)
Florida Medicaid claims data were used to identify children and adolescents in out-of-home mental health care from 2003-2007. These were then matched with Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and Law Enforcement records.
The Use of a Participatory Approach to Develop a Framework for Assessing Quality of Care in Children’s Mental Health Services (2013)
The purpose of this study was to develop a framework for assessing the quality of children’s mental health services that reflects the primary concerns and perspectives of diverse stakeholders.
Developing and Gathering Psychometric Evidence for a Fidelity Instrument: The Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool–Pilot Version (2013)
This article describes development of the pilot version of the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT-P) as a case example of designing a fidelity instrument for use in research and practice.
APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis: Observation and Measurement in Behavior Analysis (2013)
Volume I of the APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis provides comprehensive coverage of the logic, clinical utility, and methods of single-case research designs. Chapters walk the reader through the design, data collection, and data analysis phases and are appropriate for students, researchers, and clinicians concerned with best practice.  Volume I also provides an overview of the experimental analysis of behavior, and chapters reviewing some of the most important areas of contemporary laboratory research in behavior analysis. Topics covered include memory, attention, choice, behavioral neuroscience, and behavioral pharmacology.
Supporting Young Children’s Communication Development Begins with How We As Adults Communicate with Them (2013)
This article discusses strategies that adults can use when communicating with young children to reduce the likelihood of problem behavior so that children can successfully follow directions and understand what adults want them to do.

Viewing 81 to 90 of 314

Publication Highlights

Dr. Heather Peshak George Serves as Contribution Editor of Special Issue on PBIS for the Journal of Behavioral Disorders

In addition, CFS faculty Karen Cox, MA, Lauren Evanovich, PhD, Heather Peshak George, PhD,  Devon Minch, PhD and Therese Sandomierski, PhD have published articles in the Special Issue.

Dr. Tina Dillahunt-Aspillaga Serves as Co-editor on a Special Supplement of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The issue, to be released in February 2018, consists of articles that represent current thinking about community reintegration (CR) and lays the groundwork for testing interventions to improve CR outcomes for veterans and service members.

Fourth Year ABA Doctoral Students have Long List of Research Accomplishments!

How productive are our PhD students? Just take a look at our fourth year ABA doctoral student research accomplishments!  Great work Bryon Miller, Lindsey Slattery, Leslie Singer, Mallory Quinn, Sindy Sanchez and Diego Valbuena!

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