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Publications in our database are reports and resource materials produced within the Department of Child and Family Studies, as well as recent journal articles authored by CFS faculty. To view a more thorough listing of recent books, book chapters and articles written or edited by CFS faculty, view our Impact Reports or individual faculty vitas. You may also view the publications by topic on the right of this page.

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Fostering Resilience among Couples Coparenting a Young Child with Autism: An Evaluation of Together We Are Stronger (2019)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate a 4-week caregiver training program designed to promote resilience among couples raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Seven couples with a child between the ages of 3 and 9 completed a group-based training focused on values, communication, coparenting, and managing stress.
Postsecondary Education and Employment for Youth With Autism: Preliminary Results From a Customized Transition Program (2019)
This primary objective of this article, published in Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education/Special Issue on Emerging Disabilities, is to provide an overview of a customized transition program, The Learning Academy (TLA), for students with autism.
Early History, Mealtime Environment, and Parental Views on Mealtime and Eating Behaviors among Children with ASD in Florida (2018)
This study was a cross-sectional study to examine problematic mealtime behaviors among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Florida. Forty-one parents completed a 48-item survey.
Generalization of Negatively Reinforced Mands in Children with Autism (2014)
Each day, people encounter stimuli they find unpleasant. Some children with autism may require systematic instruction to acquire the communication skills necessary to request the termination of such aversive stimuli. The authors taught 2 school-aged boys with autism a mand (e.g., signing “stop”) that could be used to escape a variety of aversive stimuli.
Behavioral Skills Training With Teachers: Booster Training for Improved Maintenance (2014)
This study evaluated the effects of a booster training for re-establishing the classroom management proficiencies that teachers had acquired previously, but had declined over a 12-month period.
Using a Modified Pyramidal Training Model to Teach Special Education Teachers to Conduct Trial-Based Functional Analyses (2013)
This study evaluated the effectiveness of a modified pyramidal training procedure in which special education program coordinators were taught to conduct trial-based functional analyses and then provided support to special education teachers who were taught to conduct trial-based functional analyses and to calculate, graph, and analyze data.
A Trend Analysis of Participant and Setting Characteristics in Autism Intervention Research (2013)
This analysis was conducted to empirically document the characteristics of individuals with autism who participated in intervention research published between 1995 and 2009 in three journals.
Supporting Young Children’s Communication Development Begins with How We As Adults Communicate with Them (2013)
This article discusses strategies that adults can use when communicating with young children to reduce the likelihood of problem behavior so that children can successfully follow directions and understand what adults want them to do.
Self-Injurious Behavior in Older Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (2013)
This article provides an overview of self-injurious behavior, its underlying causes and functions, as well as other key variables associated with its manifestation.
Evaluation of Some Components of Choice Making (2013)
Providing access to choice-making opportunities is a useful addition to behavioral interventions, although the critical features of choice making may differ greatly across individuals. In this study, results of an initial 3-choice concurrent-operants preference assessment with 4 subjects with autism spectrum disorder suggested that 2 subjects preferred the choice-making condition and participated in subsequent assessments to examine the potential influences of reinforcer variability and differential access to high-preference reinforcers on their preferences for choice making.

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Publication Highlights

CFS Faculty and Staff Publish Article on Neurodiversity in HR Florida Review Magazine

Neurodiversity is a term that describes people who think differently, see the world from varying perspectives, or who pick up the details of a task that others may have missed.

Dr. Heather Peshak George Serves as Contribution Editor of Special Issue on PBIS for the Journal of Behavioral Disorders

In addition, CFS faculty Karen Cox, MA, Lauren Evanovich, PhD, Heather Peshak George, PhD,  Devon Minch, PhD and Therese Sandomierski, PhD have published articles in the Special Issue.

Dr. Tina Dillahunt-Aspillaga Serves as Co-editor on a Special Supplement of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The issue, to be released in February 2018, consists of articles that represent current thinking about community reintegration (CR) and lays the groundwork for testing interventions to improve CR outcomes for veterans and service members.

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