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Using a Modified Pyramidal Training Model to Teach Special Education Teachers to Conduct Trial-Based Functional Analyses

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Functional behavioral assessments, interventions for problem behavior


Sarah E. Bloom, PhD, BCBA-D


Functional behavioral assessments are commonly used in school settings to assess and develop interventions for problem behavior. The trial-based functional analysis is an approach that teachers can use in their classrooms to identify the function of problem behavior. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a modified pyramidal training procedure in which special education program coordinators were taught to conduct trial-based functional analyses and then provided support to special education teachers who were taught to conduct trial-based functional analyses and to calculate, graph, and analyze data. After training, the teachers conducted the trial-based functional analysis with over 85% accuracy and demonstrated criterion performance analyzing and graphing data. Accuracy was maintained during in-situ generalization probes conducted with two of the teachers.


Kunnavatana, S. S., Bloom, S. E., Samaha, A. L., Lignugaris Kraft, B., Dayton, E., & Harris, S. (2013). Using a modified pyramidal training model to teach special education teachers to conduct trial-based functional analyses. Teacher Education and Special Education, 36(4), 267-285:.  doi:10.1177/0888406413500152


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