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Publications in our database are reports and resource materials produced within the Department of Child and Family Studies, as well as recent journal articles authored by CFS faculty. To view a more thorough listing of recent books, book chapters and articles written or edited by CFS faculty, view our Impact Reports or individual faculty vitas. You may also view the publications by topic on the right of this page.

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A Culturally Competent Community-Based Research Approach with African American Neighborhoods: Critical Components and Examples (2009)
This book chapter is published in "African Americans and Community Engagement in Higher Education: Community Service, Service-learning, and Community-based Research." The book discusses race and its roles in university-community partnerships.
System Implementation Site-Based Reports (2009)
This series of reports, based on findings from Case Studies of System Implementation, will provide readers with a summary of lessons learned from established system of care communities.
A Process for Scaling Up SWPBS (School-Wide Positive Behavior Support) with Fidelity (2009)
This publication addresses how Florida may be able to scale-up and sustain over 3700 schools to implement Tier 1 PBS with fidelity. The process for scaling up implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support with fidelity has been developed by the Office of Special Education Program’s Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support and has been further examined by the State Implementation and Scaling up of Evidence-based Practices Center funded by OSEP.
Transition of Youth and Young Adults with Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties: An Evidence-Supported Handbook (2009)
The Transition Handbook aims to help transition specialists, general and special educators, school psychologists, mental health practicieners, and administrators support youth and young adults in setting goals and achieving positive outcomes across employment, education, and community settings.
Organizational Cultural Competence in Psychiatric Services: A review and conceptual model (2009)
This article presents a conceptual model of organizational cultural competence for use in mental health services that resulted from a comprehensive review of the research literature. The model identifies four factors associated with cultural competence in mental health services (community context, cultural characteristics of local populations, organizational infrastructure, and direct service support) and redefines cultural competence as the degree of compatibility among these factors. A strength of this model of organizational cultural competence is that it facilitates future research and practice in psychiatric services settings and links culturally competent practices to service parity. (Psychiatric Services60:1046–1050, 2009)
Serving Everyone at the Table: Strategies for Enhancing the Availability of Culturally Competent Mental Health Services (2009)
This monograph aims to increase awareness of the impact of culture on the availability of mental health services with the goal of improving services for culturally/racially diverse families in ways that reduce mental health disparities. The monograph is second in a series outlining successful strategies for increasing access, availability, and utilization of services at the organizational and direct service levels.
Asset-Based Approaches for LGBTQI2-S Youth and Families in Systems of Care (2009)
Families with a parent, child, or youth who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, two-spirit (LGBTQI2-S) or transitioning navigate varying levels of acceptance and support when accessing and utilizing needed services within the mental health system. A new monograph offers a public health approach for communities to meet the needs of these families.
Response to Intervention and the Pyramid Model (2009)
This publication was produced by the Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children funded by the Office of Special Education Programs, U. S. Department of Education (H326B070002).
Let’s Go! A Guide to Getting Around Your Community in Florida (2009)
County-by-County Transportation Information and Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families.
System of Care Practice Review: Review Team Member Training Manual (2009)
This training manual is designed for use by individuals preparing to serve as reviewers in conducting a System of Care Practice Review (SOCPR). It serves as an introduction to the SOCPR by providing a general, conceptual, and philosophical understanding of the origin and purpose of the review. This manual also identifies and describes the various activities involved in implementing the SOCPR and guides reviewers through each step of the process toward a successful review.

Viewing 191 to 200 of 346

Publication Highlights

CFS Faculty and Staff Publish Article on Neurodiversity in HR Florida Review Magazine

Neurodiversity is a term that describes people who think differently, see the world from varying perspectives, or who pick up the details of a task that others may have missed.

Dr. Heather Peshak George Serves as Contribution Editor of Special Issue on PBIS for the Journal of Behavioral Disorders

In addition, CFS faculty Karen Cox, MA, Lauren Evanovich, PhD, Heather Peshak George, PhD,  Devon Minch, PhD and Therese Sandomierski, PhD have published articles in the Special Issue.

Dr. Tina Dillahunt-Aspillaga Serves as Co-editor on a Special Supplement of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The issue, to be released in February 2018, consists of articles that represent current thinking about community reintegration (CR) and lays the groundwork for testing interventions to improve CR outcomes for veterans and service members.

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