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The School and Community Study: Characteristics of Students who have Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities Served in Restructuring Public Schools

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emotional and behavioral disabilities (SED), special education, methodology


Krista Kutash


This article presents preliminary results from an ongoing study of the effects of school reform and restructuring on students with serious emotional and behavioral disabilities (SED). Ten schools, ranging from grades K through 12, were studied with regard to accountability, governance, parent involvement, “includedness,” curriculum and instruction, and pro-social discipline. The schools in this study identify and serve students in special education programs at a higher rate than the national average. While school reforms varied between schools, similar patterns emerged, e.g., “a strong shared value among the staffs of these schools that everyone felt responsible for the education of all children” (p. 18). Methodology of the study is emphasized, and longitudinal studies of the children and their families will continue for two years.


Kutash, K., Duchnowski, A. J., Robbins, V., Calvanese, P. K., Oliveira, B., Black, M., & Vaughn, D. (2000). The school and community study: Characteristics of students who have emotional and behavioral disabilities served in restructuring public schools. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 9(2), 175-190.