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A School, Family, and Community Collaborative Program for Children who have Emotional Disturbances

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schools, emotional disturbance (ED), professional training, fidelity


Krista Kutash


This article provides the rationale, development, implementation and evaluation of a school-based program for students with emotional disturbances and who are served in a special education setting. The essential features of this program included a training program for professionals from the school and community agencies, the development and implementation of a strengths–based plan in which students and families are included as partners, and a method for evaluating the fidelity of program implementation. Results indicated a reduction in discipline referrals, better retention of students with emotional disturbances in their community school, and a trend toward improved emotional functioning. In addition, fidelity was positively related to higher reading achievement.


Kutash, K., Duchnowski, A. J., Sumi, W. C., Rudo, Z. & Harris, K. M. (2002). A school, family, and community collaborative program for children who have emotional disturbances. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 10(2), 99-107.