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Florida IV-E Waiver Demonstration Evaluation Progress Reports and Issue Briefs

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child welfare, Title IV-E Waiver, child safety, safety, CBC agencies, community-based care, prevention services, diversion services


Amy Vargo


The Florida Department of Children and Families contracted with CFS to evaluate the state's IV-E Waiver Demonstration program which allows Florida's 20 Community-Based Care lead agencies to spend federal dollars previously earmarked for out-of-home care on an array of prevention and diversion services. The purpose of the IV-E Waiver evaluation is to test a theory of  change regarding the effectiveness of expanded child welfare services and supports in improving permanency and safety outcomes for children in or at risk of entering out-of-home placement. Specifically, the evaluation tests the hypotheses that an expanded array of community-based services available via the flexible use of Title IV-E funds will reduce the number of children in out-of-home care, expedite the achievement of permanency through reunification or adoption, maintain child safety, increase child well-being, and reduce  administrative costs associated with providing community-based child welfare services.

CFS has produced a series of progress reports and issue briefs on the status and activities related to the evaluation of Florida’s IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project.

Final Evaluation Report Materials:

Topical Papers:

Issue Briefs:


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