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The System of Care Twenty Years Later

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systems of care


Krista Kutash


In this chapter the authors discuss the current impact and relevancy of the system of care model for the children’s mental health services system. The chapter begins with a brief description of the context that led to the development of the systems of care nationally. This is followed by an examination of recent empirical advances that have been made in understanding the number of youth who have emotional disorders, components within systems of care, and outcomes related to the model. The chapter concludes with recommended next steps for systems of care research.


Kutash, K., Duchnowski, A. J., & Friedman, R. M. (2005). The system of care twenty years later. In M. H. Epstein, K. Kutash, & A. J. Duchnowski (Eds.), Outcomes for children with emotional and behavioral disorders and their families: Program and evaluation best practices, 2nd ed. (pp. 3-22). Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.