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PBS Goes to Middle School: Building Capacity of Peer Buddies to Implement a PBS Intervention with Fidelity

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Positive Behavior Support, Peer-Mediated Interventions, Behavioral Skills Training, Middle School, ASD, Fidelity


During adolescence, peer behavior is a strong stimulus that influences how students initiate and respond to their physical and social environment. Yet, the majority of school-based behavioral studies (Dunlap, Clarke, & Steiner, 1999) do not include peers as intervention agents. This study demonstrated how to include peers as contributing members of a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) team. Findings indicated that peers were able to implement a behavior support plan with fidelity, resulting in decreased challenging behavior and increased activity engagement in a middle school peer with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Clarke, S., & Duda, M.A. (2018). PBS goes to middle school: Building capacity of peer buddies to implement a PBS intervention with fidelity. Behavior Analysis in Practice. Advance online publication. doi:0.1007/s40617-018-0253-9

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