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Randomization Procedures for Changing Criterion Designs

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changing criterion design, masked visual analysis, randomization test


Lodi Rohrer



To strengthen the scientific credibility arguments for single-case intervention studies, randomization design-and-analysis methods have been developed for the multiple-baseline, ABAB, and alternating treatment designs, including options for preplanned designs, wherein the series and phase lengths are established prior to gathering data, as well as options for response-guided designs, wherein ongoing visual analyses guide decisions about when to intervene. Our purpose here is to develop randomization methods for another class of single-case design, the changing criterion design. We first illustrate randomization design-and-analysis methods for preplanned changing
criterion designs and then develop and illustrate methods for response guided changing criterion designs. We discuss the limitations associated with the randomization methods and the validity of the corresponding intervention-effect inferences.


John Ferron

Lodi L. Rohrer

Joel R. Levin


Ferron, J., Rohrer, L. L., & Levin, J. R. (2019). Randomization procedures for changing criterion designs. Behavior Modificationhttps://doi.org/10.1177/0145445519847627

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