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The Landfill Is Full: Breaking the Data-Dumping Model

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At Risk Students, Behavior Problems, Data Collection, School Districts, Public Schools, Nontraditional Occupations, Intervention, Prevention, Vignettes, Administrator Attitudes, Transfer Students, Transfer Policy, Student Records


This study explores systems that are used for tracking students' behavioral data within alternative settings and the transition to traditional public schools. A survey was administered to district staff to ascertain the processes in place for the transition of students and their data between alternative education settings and traditional public schools. Survey results are discussed, school exemplars are presented, and implications for future research and practice at the district level are suggested.


Evanovich, Lauren L.; George, Heather Peshak; Kern, Laura, The Landfill Is Full: Breaking the Data-Dumping Model, Journal of At-Risk Issues, v21 n2 p37-47 2018

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