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Independent Assessment of the Florida Medicaid NET Program

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Non-Emergency Transportation, Medicaid recipients, access to affordable transportation


Lodi Rohrer


The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) contracted with the University of South Florida to provide an independent assessment of the Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) program. NET services are provided to Medicaid recipients to access medical care if they are unable to drive, cannot afford to own or maintain a vehicle, or do not have access to affordable transportation. Multiple modes of transportation are available, including vans, wheelchair/stretcher vehicles, and public transportation. Currently, two vendors (LogistiCare and Medical Transportation Management, Inc. [MTM]) provide NET services to Medicaid recipients who are not enrolled in a managed care plan. This report provides background information on the NET program and presents results of the assessment which focuses on access to services, quality of services, and cost effectiveness of services.



Rohrer, L., Boothroyd, R. A., Robst, J., Staes, L., Teague, G., Dion, C., … Keigher, C. (2016). Independent assessment of the Florida Medicaid NET program. Tampa, FL: Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, University of South Florida.


Faculty & Staff