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Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in State Child Welfare Systems: Results of a Multi-State Strategic Planning Process

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organizations/systems, leadership, administration and supervision, child welfare


Dramatic growth in health and human service contracting over the past two decades has increased the need for managerial competency in the development and sustainment of effective cross-sector partnerships. Although the quality of relations between partnering agencies can affect client outcomes, few macro-level interventions for strengthening cross-sector partnerships have been described or tested in the literature. This article describes a facilitated, strategic planning process implemented in five different states and presents pre-post test results of its effect on different factors known to affect partnership success. Implications for child welfare administrative practice and research are discussed.


Chuang, E., McBeath, B., Collins-Camargo, C., & Armstrong, M. I. (2014). Strengthening public-private partnerships in state child welfare systems: Results of a multi-state strategic planning process. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 8 (1), 1- 24. doi:10.1080/15548732.2013.852152.

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