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Arizona’s Children’s System of Care Practice Review: Fiscal Year 2010 Statewide Report

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SOCPR, System of Care Practice Review


Mario Hernandez, PhD


The System of Care Practice Review (SOCPR) was implemented in FY2010 as the Arizona Department of Health Services/Division of Behavioral Health Services’ (ADHS/DBHS) practice review method of choice in Arizona. It was developed at the University of South Florida (USF) by Dr. Mario Hernandez, Ph.D.

Research has demonstrated high inter-rater reliability in the use of the tool, which is based on face to face interviews with multiple informants as well as file/record reviews (Hernandez et al., 2001). A total of 205 reviews were conducted across Arizona in FY2010.

The SOCPR uses a case study methodology informed by caregivers, youth, formal providers, informal supports, and extant documents related to service planning and provision. The SOCPR tool itself is comprised of 4 domains and 13 sub-domains:

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