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The Role of Mental Health Services in Promoting Safe and Secure Schools

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School safety, safe schools, school-based mental health


Krista Kutash


Building on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) premise that all children need a safe environment in which to learn and achieve, this series of guidebooks provide administrators and educators with proven methods of how fellow educators are addressing issues, overcoming obstacles, and attaining success in key areas of school safety.

The Hamilton Fish Institute on School and Community Violence and the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL) have revised a series of five guidebooks intended to build a foundation of information that will assist schools and school districts in developing safe learning environments. The series identifies several components that, when effectively addressed, provide schools with the foundation and building blocks needed to create and maintain safe schools.

The Role of Mental Health Services in Promoting Safe and Secure Schools, by CFS faculty Drs. Krista Kutash and Albert Duchnowski, explores the role of mental health services in developing and maintaining safe schools. The guide provides an overview of research-based school mental health models and offers guidance for school personnel and others on implementing mental health–related services, including the role that federal, state, and district policies play and the need for community involvement.

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