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RTC Study 3 Financing Structures and Strategies to Support Effective Systems of Care: Issue Brief 2: Effective Strategies to Finance Family and Youth Partnerships

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FMHI Publication #235–IB2


Key Words: building effective systems of care, family-driven services, financing


Mary I. Armstrong


Effective Financing Strategies for Systems of Care is a Research and Training Center study that is examining financing strategies used by states, communities, and tribes to support the infrastructure, services, and support s that comprise systems of care. The study has identified seven key areas to assist states and communities to develop comprehensive and strategic financing plans for systems of care. One of these areas is financing to support family and youth partnerships.

This issue brief presents the results of the first wave of study site visits regarding financing strategies to support family and youth partnerships. It is a technical assistance document designed to assist stakeholders to identify strategies and approaches that might be implemented or adapted in their own states, tribes, and communities.

At the policy and system management level, the key strategies that sites use are:



Pires, S.A., & Wood, G. (2007). Issue brief 2: Effective strategies to finance family and youth partnerships (RTC study 3: Financing structures and strategies to support effective systems of care, FMHI pub. #235-IB2). Tampa, FL: University of South Florida, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI), Research and Training Center for Children’s Mental Health.

(FMHI Publication #235–IB2)