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Positive Beginnings: Supporting Young Children with Challenging Behavior

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Building a behavior support plan, supporting families, social development, PBS, positive behavior support, early childhood, professional development


Rochelle Lentini


We embarked on this project to provide higher education faculty and professional development personnel with material that could be used to teach early educators, interventionists, and related service personnel about the use of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) with young children and their families. Although there is growing catalogue of training materials addressing young children’s challenging behavior or the use of PBS with other populations, there are not materials specific to using PBS within the realworld settings of preschool and home visiting programs.

These training modules have been designed to provide sequenced instructional materials that will build the capacity of early educators, interventionists, and therapists in meeting the needs of young children with challenging behavior. The training materials were developed by a team of faculty who has distinctive expertise in early intervention, behavior support, communication disorders, and developmentally appropriate practice.

The content of the modules provides a comprehensive curriculum in Positive Behavior Support in 6, three-hour modules. The curriculum contains information on early communication and social development, Social and Communication Development, and on the process of functional assessment to gain an understanding of the communicative message of challenging behavior, Determining the Meaning of Challenging Behavior. In Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, content on the essential elements of the behavior support plan is provided and in the module Teaming to Build a Behavior Support Plan, a teaming process for support plan development is taught. The curriculum moves from the development of a support plan to presenting content on how to implement the behavior support plan in natural environments and support the child in learning new skills, Interventions in Everyday Settings, and how to collaborate with families in the behavior support process, Supporting Families.


Hanline, M. F., Wetherby, A., Woods, J., Fox, L., & Lentini, R. (2004). Positive
Beginnings: Supporting Young Children with Challenging Behavior
[CD- ROM].
(Available from Positive Beginnings, 625 B North Adams Street, Tallahassee,
Florida 32301).

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