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Teaching Safety Skills to Children to Prevent Gun Play: An Evaluation of In Situ Training.


Behavioral skills training, safety skills, prevention, firearm, guns


Raymond G. Miltenberger


This study evaluated behavioral skills training with added in situ training for teaching safety skills to children to prevent gun play. Ten 4- and 5-year old children participated. Following baseline, each child received two sessions of behavioral skills training and one in situ training session. Further assessments were then conducted with in situ training as needed until the child exhibited the safety skills (Don’t touch the gun, get away, and tell an adult) in three consecutive assessments. The results showed that all children acquired the skills and that the skills were maintained at a 3 month follow up assessment. In addition, of the seven children who were assessed in a dyad situation following training, all exhibited the correct skills in the presence of another child.


Miltenberger, R. G., Gatheridge, B. J., Satterlund, M, Egemo-Helm, K., Johnson, B. M., Jostad, C., Kelso, P., & Flessner, C. (2005). Teaching safety skills to children to prevent gun play: An Evaluation of in Situ Training. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 38, 395-398.