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Congratulations To CFS Faculty And Staff On Their Recent Accomplishments In The Publishing World

CFS faculty and staff have contributed to books scheduled to be released soon through Brookes Publishing. For 30 years, Brookes has published highly respected resources in early childhood, early intervention, inclusive and special education, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, communication and language, behavior, and mental health.

Clark Book 

Transition of Youth and Young Adults with Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties: An Evidence-Supported Handbook, edited by HEWITT B."Rusty" Clark provides an overview of a transition to adulthood model for youth and young adults with mental health issues and illustrates its application in eight sustaining community programs. The Transition Handbook aims to help transition specialists, general and special educators, school psychologists, mental health practicieners, and administrators support youth and young adults in setting goals and achieving positive outcomes across employment, education, and community settings. Throughout the book, vignettes and first-person testimonials strengthen readers' awareness of the challenges young people experience and how effective transition services can make a difference. The Transition Handbook also has chapters to assist administrators and policy-makers in addressing system reform and policy issues. In addition to Dr. Clark serving as editor and coauthoring numerous chapters, Nicole Deschenes has also co-authored a chapter on Quality Improvement.

For more information, please visit our web sites http://tip.fmhi.usf.edu or http://nnyt.fmhi.usf.edu

PTR BOokAlso scheduled to be released soon is The School-Based Model of Individualized Positive Behavior Support, the first practical guide to the research-proven Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) model. DARES faculty and staff, including Kathy Christiansen, Glen Dunlap, Rose Iovannone, and Don Kincaid co-authored the easy-to-use book aimed at solving serious behavior challenges in K–8 classrooms. The innovative model gives school-based teams a five-step plan for reducing problems unresolved by typical behavior management strategies.


The Department of Child and Family Studies (CFS) is a department of the USF College of Behavioral & Community Sciences and is committed to improving the well-being of individuals, children, and families within communities across the country through promoting respect, inclusion, development, achievement, mental health, and an optimum quality of life.

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