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Hewitt B. Clark, Ph.D., BCBA

Hewitt B. Clark, Ph.D., BCBA






MHC 2332


Dr. Hewitt B. Clark, best known as “Rusty,” is the Director of the National Network on Youth Transition for Behavioral Health and is a Professor Emeritus at the Department of Child & Family Studies, Florida Mental Health Institute, College of Behavioral and Community Sciences, University of South Florida.  Dr. Clark has developed and researched various innovative programs and has published extensively, with 5 books and more than 125 professional publications to his credit.  He is the lead-editor of the book entitled: Transition to Adulthood: A Resource for Assisting Young People with Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties, and is currently writing a second book on this topic, with both of these books involving young people as co-authors.

His research interests and grants focus on evaluating the effectiveness of:  1) individualized planning and interventions for children and youth with emotional/behavioral difficulties and their biological/adoptive/foster families; and 2) preparation and facilitation of youth and young adults in their transition into employment/career, educational opportunities, and independent living.  Dr. Clark served as the Lead Guest Editor for an Special Issue on Transition to Adulthood Research, published in the Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research (October, 2008).  Dr. Clark is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, serves on various boards for professional journals, and consults nationally and internationally.

When Dr. Clark is not conducting research and workshops, teaching, consulting, or developing programs on his topics of professional interest, he enjoys his avocations of sailing the Gulf of Mexico and other seas -- and photographing wildlife.  If fact, with his trip to the Antarctic where he observed the penguins and other wildlife of the region, he had now been on all seven continents of the world.

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