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School Readiness Curriculum based Measurement System (SRCBM)


Jason Anthony, PhD

Principal Investigators:

  • Jason Anthony, PhD
  • Jeffrey Williams, PhD
  • Matthew Foster, PhD

Funding Source:

Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

The School Readiness Curriculum Based Measurement System (SR-CBM) is intended to help address the pressing need for assessment tools that teachers can use to efficiently identify children's strengths and weaknesses in English and Spanish, monitor students' learning, and inform instruction. This project is creating research-based progress monitoring tools for both English-speaking children and Spanish-speaking children aged 3 to 6 years. SRCBM assess vocabulary, names of letters, sounds associated with letters and letter combinations, phonological awareness, mathematics, and science. Many children, especially those from ethnic and language minority groups, lag behind in development of these critical school readiness skills, which places them at risk for academic failure.

SRCBM includes brief parallel English tests and brief parallel Spanish tests of each school readiness domain. These short forms are designed for educators to use for universal screening, benchmark testing, and progress monitoring. Expanded English and Spanish versions are designed for those with advanced assessment training, e.g., evaluators, diagnosticians, psychologists, and researchers, who engage in program evaluation, diagnosis, and educational research. Because SRCBM was aligned with common state learning standards.

The items pools developed in this project also comprise most of the language and literacy screeners included in the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessmenthttps://www.texaskea.org/ 

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A socioeconomically and geographically diverse sample of 5,600 English-speaking and 3,600 Spanish-speaking children ages 3 to 5 years.


Initial development work took place in Houston, Texas. Scaling and validation of the language and literacy item pools took place in 2013-2017 in Texas and Florida.

Scaling and validation of the math and science item pools will place in 2018-2021 in Texas and Florida.

Non USF Co-Investigators: