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Now is the Time/Project for Advancing Wellness and Resiliency in Education (AWARE)


Don Kincaid

Principal Investigators:

  • Don Kincaid, EdD
  • Natalie Romer, PhD

The University of South Florida manages three major components of the Now is the Time Project for Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education State Educational Agency Program (NITT-AWARE-SEA) program including program evaluation, building capacity for an integrated multi-tiered system of mental health supports and implementation of Youth Mental Health First Aid at the state and local level. The Florida AWARE program supports districts in employing a public health approach to promoting mental wellness and ensuring that when Florida youth do experience mental health problems they have access to effective and coordinated mental health supports. The program supports the state’s effort to scale-up an integrated multi-tiered system of supports to be more inclusive of youth with mental health needs and expand the collaboration of state agencies, district personnel, families, and youth.

Florida AWARE is committed to assisting districts in developing safer schools, improving school climate, increasing awareness of mental health issues, and developing a continuum of social, emotional, and behavioral supports that ensures improved outcomes for all students. Florida AWARE facilitates implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive, cross-agency plan developed by the State Management Team and coordinate technical assistance that initially targets three Florida AWARE districts (Pinellas, Polk and Duval).


Long Term Impact


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