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Integrative Data Analysis of Gender and Ethnic Differences in MDFT Randomized Control Trials


Paul Greenbaum

Principal Investigators:

  • Paul Greenbaum, PhD

Funding Source:

National Institute of Drug Abuse

Recent studies have shown an important factor for the successful treatment of adolescent substance abuse is the combined focus on the family and the individual youth. These findings are largely due to trials of an evidence-based treatment intervention known as Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT). MDFT has proven to be very successful in reducing or eliminating adolescent substance abuse and other problem behavior, and to improve overall family functioning.

While the MDFT trials revealed successful outcomes for a broad adolescent population, there are insufficient findings to show if effectiveness is the same when targeting minority and female adolescents. These answers are coming soon.

This study will combine individual data from over 1500 families who participated in 10 MDFT randomized controlled trials.

The original data from each study, rather than the usual study summary statistics, will be analyzed.