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Child & Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) and Service Process Adherence to Needs and Strengths (SPANS) Component


Norín Dollard, PhD

Principal Investigators:

  • Norín Dollard, PhD


S4KF serves children, youth, and families that vary in the complexity of their needs and strengths from early intervention programs to more intensive intervention. To address the need for a uniform assessment process and outcome monitoring, S4KF is piloting the use of the CANS. The SPANS is a complementary measure used for quality improvement. CANS-C training beyond S4KF is ongoing.
Faculty are working with the San Francisco Department of Health to develop a training package for the SPANS for use 0-4 year olds.


Implement the CANS and SPANS across S4KF programs. Develop training and data infrastructure to support implementation.

Long-Term Impacts

Systematic assessment of child and family needs and strengths guides service planning and delivery at the individual, program, and agency levels.

Recent Accomplishments

Staff have been trained, a revised assessment incorporating the CANS has been developed and a pilot is underway.
Statewide, 97 individuals representing 4 agencies have been certified as CANS-C trainers.