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A.I.R. Child Welfare Technical Assistance Implementation Center


Mary Armstrong, PhD

Principal Investigators:

  • Mary Armstrong, PhD
  • Amy Vargo


This Center is evaluating all activities for the Western and Pacific Child Welfare Implementation Center (WPIC). The evaluation focus is twofold: 1. To assess the effectiveness of the Center’s activities intended to strengthen the capacity of states, tribes and counties to implement child welfare system reforms; 2. To assess the capacity of the Navajo Nation, Alaska, and Los Angeles County Implementation Projects to implement and sustain system reforms.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the Western and Pacific Child Welfare Implementation Center in providing intensive technical assistance to states, tribes and counties related to the implementation of sustainable systems changes.

Long Term Impacts

Improve the capacity of state, tribal, and county level child welfare systems to meet the needs of at-risk children and families.

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