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Project Conectar: Building Capacity in a Community to Learn the Signs: Act Early


Lise Fox

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AUCD/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities


This project aims to reduce disparities in early identification of autism and other developmental disabilities (DD) and increase access to services in the largely Latino/Hispanic Little Havana community in Miami, FL. Prior to the project, families in Little Havana were not only not screening, they were seeing their children go without intervention, for the most part, until ages 7 or 8+.


Help ConnectFamilias incorporate the Project Conectar screening for use with all families they register/serve with children 0 to 5.

Long-term Impact

Provides early identification of potential concerns in the areas of social and emotional development, as well as communication and is often a good screener for autism and related/similar disorders.