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Evaluation of Community-Based Care and Title IV-E Waiver


Amy Vargo

Principal Investigators:

  • Amy C. Vargo, MA
  • Mary Armstrong, PhD

Funding Source:

Florida Department of Children and Families


This project examined the Title IV-E Waiver, which enables federal funds to be more flexibly spent on preventing children who come into contact with Florida’s child welfare system from being placed in out-of-home care. It was hypothesized that Waiver implementation would lead to expansion of the existing service array offered to children and families. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine how the Waiver impacted child outcomes, including child permanency, safety, and well-being, as well as tracking Waiver implementation efforts and changes to fiscal issues. The evaluation was conducted within the context of Community-Based Care (CBC), the outsourcing of child welfare services in Florida.


Long-term Impact

Recent Accomplishments

Evaluation findings across all study components disseminated at state and national conferences.

Final Evaluation Report Materials:

Topical Papers:

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