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Office of Special Education Programs - Training and Technical Assistance Program for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (OSEP-TAC)


Donald Kincaid, Ed.D

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Principal Investigators:

  • Donald Kincaid, Ed.D.
  • Healther Peshak George, PhD.

The Technical Assistance Center for PBIS is funded by the Office of Special Education (OSEP) with the goals to:

The PBIS Center activities include:


To accomplish these goals, the Center operates as a consortium of researchers, advocates, family members, teacher educators, professional association leaders, and model developers, and receives guidance from an external evaluation team. A network of researchers has been established to provide feedback on Center-related products and activities, receive and disseminate Center-related products and information, and participate in Center-sponsored events.Center-affiliated collaborators include:

Faculty & Staff