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Professor Raymond Miltenberger Featured on Dateline NBC Regarding Gun Safety

Raymond Miltenberger, PhDDr. Raymond Miltenberger, professor in the Department of Child and Family Studies at the USF College of Behavioral & Community Sciences, and the Director of the Applied Behavior Analysis programs at USF, was featured on the NBC Dateline segment June 21 featuring kids and gun safety. The show is part of the series, “My Kid Would Never do That.”

The segment uses a hidden camera approach to test two teaching methods - behavioral skills training and just talking - to find out which is more effective in keeping children safe.

Dr. Miltenberger has created a gun injury prevention program that uses behavioral skills training (BST) and in situ training. The intervention helps children to demonstrate the desired safety skills when confronted with a safety threat (a loaded gun) in a real life situation. The use of in situ training is a unique component of this intervention and has been shown to be very effective when combined with BST for teaching safety skills to children, 4 to 7 years of age.

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