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Associate Professor Mary Armstrong Elected as President-Elect for the American Orthopsychiatric Association

Mary I. Armstrong, PhDCongratulations to Associate Professor Mary Armstrong who has been elected president-elect of the American Orthopsychiatric Association, an interdisciplinary association devoted to mental health, health, and social justice.

Previous to this appointment, Dr. Armstrong was serving as a Director at Large in the Association. In her new role as president-elect, she brings over twenty-five years experience in children’s behavioral health, public sector managed care, children’s health insurance, child welfare services, specializing in state and local government organizational structures, program development and evaluation, policy analysis, and consultation. Her two-year term as president-elect will commence on January 1, 2013.

The association was formed in 1923 and has a prominent history in the United States as an organization that provides a common ground for collaborative study, research, and knowledge exchange among individuals engaged in preventive, treatment, and advocacy approaches to mental health. Psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, nurses, counselors, attorneys, and other human service professionals are among the many members.

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