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CFS Faculty Contribute Chapter to New Handbook of Psychiatric Measures

A fully revised edition of The Handbook of Psychiatric Measures includes a chapter written by CFS's Krista Kutash, PhD, Professor and Deputy Director of the Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health, and Nancy Lynn, MSPH, Coordinator of Research Activities for the School-based Mental Health Services Study. Kutash and Lynn co-wrote the chapter with Barbara Burns, PhD from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine.

The handbook provides clinicians, researchers, and managed care administrators working in mental health or primary care settings the most recent information available on rating scales, tests, and measures useful when caring for patients with mental illnesses. Seventeen disorder-specific chapters provide both diagnostic tools and measures of symptoms, function and quality of life, medication side effects, and other clinically relevant information.

The chapter by Kutash, Lynn, and Burns, Child and Adolescent Measures of Functional Status, presents a variety of measures for children and adolescents to determine their success or failure in coping at home, at school, and in the community. Thirteen measures of functional status are presented and include five global measures that look at multiple domains and areas, and eight separate measures that look at cognitive, social, self-care or independence, and self-concept or self-esteem levels.

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