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RMHC Student Jenny Vosburg Receives John A. Orphanidys Scholarship

Congratulations to Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling (RMHC) Program master’s student Jenny Vosburg for receiving the John A. Orphanidys Scholarship. The Scholarship, named after a leader in private sector vocational rehabilitation services in Florida, was established to recognize Florida vocational rehabilitation graduate students who have expressed a commitment to work in private vocational rehabilitation.

“Jenny is a natural fit for vocational rehabilitation,” said Dr. Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Associate Professor in the RMHC Program. “During the past two years, I have known Ms. Vosburg as a student, advisee, and student leader. In addition, she has a professional work history in the Department of Veterans Affairs VR program, where she has acquired over 400 hours of VR counseling experience. She has also recently become an Intern at USF’s Student Disabilities Services Office where she will work with students with diverse disabilities. I believe these contributions make her an ideal candidate for the John A. Orphanidys Scholarship.”

Jenny also served as the Secretary for the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling iLINC student organization, which works with the faculty to enhance the experience of students while in the RMHC program, help prepare them for life after graduation, and contribute to the Tampa Bay community.

Congratulations Jenny!



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