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Dr. William Kearns Delivers Prestigious Mitchell Rosenthal Memorial International Webinar

Associate Professor William Kearns (Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, Department of Child and Family Studies) delivered the prestigious Mitchell Rosenthal Memorial international webinar entitled "The Tortuous Path to TBI Recovery - Mapping the "Punch-Drunkard's” Walk” at the invitation of the Brain Injury Association of America and the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation on November 10th, 2015.  His address may be viewed at https://secure.biausa.org/detail.aspx?ID=1017.

Dr. William Kearns is a mental health services researcher and inventor who creates solutions for persons faced with the difficult problem of caring for elderly persons with mild to moderate dementia. His research interests lie within the area known as Gerontechnology, specifically in the development and use of telesurveillance and cognitive prosthetics, to support the physical, social, and community health and well-being needs of adults to facilitate ageing-in-place.  His current research focuses on the use of advanced technologies for the remediation of cognitive impairment related to dementia and traumatic brain injuries.

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