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ABA Master's Students Publish in Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Four recent graduates of our ABA master’s program have recently published their thesis research in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis! Congratulations and great job Tricia Jeffries,  Heather Kelley, Haley Krantz and Carolyn Mancuso! The Journal is the premiere ABA journal that publishes research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance. It is published by the The Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. See links to articles below.


Evaluating a tablet application and differential reinforcement to increase eye contact in children with autism
Tricia Jeffries

Using video feedback to improve horseback-riding skills
Heather Kelley

Using token reinforcement to increase walking for adults with intellectual disabilities
Haley Krantz

Using habit reversal to decrease filled pauses in public speaking
Carolyn Mancuso

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