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Miami-Dade IMPACT (Identify Measure and Prevent Addiction and Childhood Trauma) Evaluation


Linda Callejas, PhD

Principal Investigators:

  • Linda Callejas, PhD

The Miami-Dade IMPACT Project is a collaborative effort that brings much needed resources to Miami-Dade County in an effort to address concerns over the fact that a high proportion of child maltreatment cases involve at least one caregiver with a state-documented history of alcohol or drug abuse. The Administration for Children & Families awarded the $3 million Regional Partnership Grant to Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc. to implement the IMPACT Project with key partners to increase the well-being of, and improve the permanency outcomes for children affected by substance abuse.

The IMPACT Project is focused on improving the provision of targeted child welfare services for children and families and increasing parental retention in substance abuse treatment and other needed services. The ultimate aim of the project is to enhance child and family well-being, as well as reduce incidences of re-abuse, child welfare re-referrals, and child removals. CFS faculty researchers are conducting the IMPACT Project evaluation.

CFS faculty will evaluate the IMPACT Project, which will examine whether an integrated continuum of care, which includes the provision of an intensive family engagement practice and peer support, will result in improved outcomes in the following domains: child well-being, family functioning, substance use, safety, and permanency. The evaluation is comprised of three components: a partnership study, an outcomes study, and an implementation study. As part of the partnership component, evaluators will assess how diverse system partners are working together. For the outcome sub-study, evaluators will conduct a randomized controlled trial with 288 families receiving intensive in-home child welfare services to determine whether use of the Engaging Moms/Parents Program (EMPP) intervention will result in improved child well-being and family well-being, reduced substance use on the part of parents/caregivers, and increased family safety and permanency. The implementation sub-study will assess implementation of the EMPP experimental practice.

Project IMPACT Partners include:

Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, Inc.
The Florida Department of Children and Families Southern Region
Family Central Inc.
Federation of Families Miami-Dade Chapter, Inc.
South Florida Behavioral Health Network
University of South Florida Department of Child & Family Studies
University of Miami
Miami-Dade Community Based Care Alliance