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Development of an Intervention Model to Improve Educational Outcomes of Youth in Foster Care by Decreasing Runaway Behavior (RUN Grant)

Principal Investigators:

  • Kimberly Crosland, PhD, BCBA

Funding Source:

Institute for Educational Sciences

RUN Grant is developing an intervention model for decreasing runaway behavior of youth in foster care and improving educational outcomes. 


  • To develop an assessment tool to help determine the reasons youth runaway from placements.
  • To develop an effective intervention model to decrease running and improve educational outcomes.
  • To improve collaboration between the child welfare system and the educational system.

Long-term Impact

  • Improve school district capacity for implementing the Discovery process with transition-age youth in Florida schools with fidelity to the model.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Conducted field study with 20 youth in foster care with histories of running away.
  • Trained caseworkers and group home staff to conduct interviews and develop interventions for youth in field study.
  • Conducted data analysis and evaluation from field study.

Faculty & Staff