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Intensive Youth Suicide Prevention Training for Communities and Schools


Steve Roggenbaum

Intensive Youth Suicide Prevention Training for Schools and CommunitiesA new training curriculum developed and piloted by researchers at the University of South Florida can help communities and schools gain knowledge and skill in planning a community approach to youth suicide prevention. Kathy Lazear and Steve Roggenbaum, authors of the Youth Suicide Prevention School-Based Guide, have developed the workshop as a  2-day intensive format. Individuals with accurate information can be better prepared to identify youth at risk for suicide, demonstrate caring behavior, and refer or link youth to appropriate resources.

The workshop shares a number of resources and tools that aim to enhance participants’ understanding and maximize their community’s assets to better deal with suicidal behaviors in children and youth. It suggests frameworks to use for a community suicide prevention effort, all based on the public health approach and System of Care values and principles. Participants explore the issues involved with planning, implementing and evaluating programs. In addition, they are introduced to specific issues such as cultural and linguistic competence, meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and community and state partnerships.

The workshop is beneficial for any organization in need of implementing a suicide prevention effort, including county mental health organizations, family organizations, hospitals and churches, schools, as well as advocates and family members.