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Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan (CW-PMHP) Study


Amy Vargo, PhD

Principal Investigators:

  • Amy Vargo
  • Patty Sharrock

Funding Source:

Agency for Health Care Administration


This Study examines various outcomes (e.g., foster care outcomes, mental health functioning, justice system involvement) for children enrolled in the Florida Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan (CW-PMHP. The study also examines the needs and experiences of youth served under the CW-PMHP that are transitioning to adulthood and the strategies utilized by providers to address those needs. This project is contracted by the Agency for Health Care Administration, AHCA.


Long-term Impact

Recent Accomplishments

Dissemination of findings have contributed to the understanding of the strengths and challenges experienced in the implementation and operation of the CW-PMHP and resulting impacts on those providing and receiving services through the plan. These activities include posters/presentations at national and state level conferences and meetings. Project reports are also posted on the FMHI website and the Florida’s Center for the Advancement of Child Welfare Practice website for ready availability to all stakeholders.