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The Relationship of Suicide Death to Baker Act Examination, Client Characteristics and Service Use Patterns: Veteran’s Acute Mental Health Care


Norín Dollard, PhD

This study will increase awareness among policy makers, including the Statewide Office of Suicide Prevention and DCF, as well as practitioners concerning veterans’ mental health issues by documenting the impact and experiences of veterans with the mental health systems and involuntary
assessment facilities in Florida.

The specific aims are to describe the precipitating factors and the use of emergency commitment and involuntary inpatient placement by veterans
of OEF and OIF. The relationship of veteran deaths by suicide to involuntary assessments will also be explored. This effort aligns with Florida’s 2009 Green Paper, Returning Veterans and Their Families with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Needs: Florida’s Action Plan, which highlights research gaps in community-based substance abuse and mental health services.