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Emeritus Status Granted to Professor Krista Kutash

Krista Kutash, PhDCongratulations to Dr. Krista Kutash for being granted the status of Professor Emeritus upon her retirement in February 2012. Dr. Kutash has served as a faculty member in the Department of Child and Family Studies at the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI) for the past 28 years. (In 2008, the departments within FMHI merged with additional USF academic units to become the USF College of Behavioral & Community Sciences.)

Emeritus status at the University of South Florida is given to individuals whose careers within the University have been exemplary and thus merit recognition and remembrance upon their retirement.

"Dr. Kutash deserves this recognition for her accomplishments in the children's mental health services research field. She has made significant contributions and garnered national recognition for her research," said Department Chair Mario Hernandez, PhD.

Dr. Kutash is recognized for her expertise in community-applied research methodology and her application of these methods to researching publically funded children's mental health services, school-based mental health, and parent-support programs. She was a major contributor to the success of the nationally recognized Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health (RTC) that operated over a period of 25 years and received $15 million in federal funding. As part of the Center, she oversaw the annual research conference for 21 years and it became nationally known for its excellence in providing research leadership.

In addition to her contributions to the Center, Dr. Kutash has been a major
collaborator on successful federal grants that totaled $5 million. Her federal funding has included research sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the National Institute on Disabilities and Rehabilitation Research, Office of Special Education Programs and the Institute of Education Sciences.

She has published widely and has produced 3 books and over 100 publications including journal articles, book chapters and monographs. She has served on 13 federal review panels and editorial boards of several journals.

"Dr. Kutash's contributions to mental health services research have shaped our understanding of the nature of youth services nationally," said Dr. Al Duchnowski, who, along with Dr. Kutash, served as Deputy Director of the RTC. "Her experience and insight will continue to contribute to our department mission, impact our research in children's mental health, and support our commitment to serving the needs of children and families in Florida and nationally."

Dr. Kutash has taught courses in three departments (Nursing, Social Work, and Special Education), and has served as major professor or committee member for 20 dissertations, master theses and honors theses.

At USF, Dr. Kutash has served on the Social and Behavioral Institutional Research Board (lRB) as Chair, Co-Chair or a member for over 12 years. She has also served on the Athletic Council for over 5 years. Because of her athletic spirit and long-time support of USF Athletics, Dr. Kutash has been invited to run on the field with the USF football team during the USF/West Virginia game on Dec. 1.

"The University has been honored by your numerous contributions, so it is a great pleasure to affirm that you will be designated and officially recognized as Research Professor Emeritus at an event that will be held in the Fall Semester 2012," said USF Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Ralph C. Wilcox, PhD. to Dr. Kutash.

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