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David Chiriboga, PhD

David Chiriboga, PhD


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Dr. Chiriboga currently is a professor in the Department of Child & Family Studies in the College of Behavioral & Community Sciences at the University of South Florida. His ongoing work includes a statewide study of mental and physical health disparities in Florida, the effectiveness of family-centered interventions for Medicaid beneficiaries with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, and a three state study of barriers to health and health care posed by limited English proficiency among older Korean immigrants.

Dr. Chiriboga has a long history of producing outstanding researchers in the field of aging, serving as a mentor for numerous postdoctoral fellows and students. He also was a mentor for the American Society on Aging’s New Ventures in Leadership, which promotes the leadership potential of professionals of color and their involvement in the national aging arena.

He recently served as a member of the American Psychological Association’s Working Group on Cultural Competency in Geropsychology within the Committee on Aging, and currently serves on the Florida Department of Health Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities advisory committee.  In 2009, the University of South Florida Latin Community Advisory Committee presented him with the Hispanic Pathways Award, which recognizes outstanding research and/or outreach that creates pathways to the betterment of the lives of Latinos. In 2010, GSA’s educational branch, the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, presented him with the Hiram J. Friedsam Mentorship Award. In 2012, Dr Chiriboga received the Gerontological Society of America's (GSA)  Minority Mentorship Award.

Recent Publications

Park, N. S., Jang, Y., Rhee, M. K., Yoon, H., & Chiriboga, D. A. (Accepted for publication Feb 2020). Knowledge about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and awareness of AD-related services in older Korean Americans: The role of social capital. Journal of Applied Gerontology.

Park, N.S., Jang, Y., Chiriboga, D.A., & Chung, S. (2020, online first). The Role of Social Networks on Depressive Symptoms: A Comparison of Older Koreans in Three Geographic Areas. International Journal of Aging and Human Development. doi: 10.1177/0091415020905553

Jang, Y., Choi, E., Rhee, M.K., Yoon, H., Park, N.S., & Chiriboga, D.A. (2020). Older Korean Americans concerns about Alzheimer’s disease: The role of immigration related factors and objective and subjective cognitive status. Aging and Mental Health. doi: 10.1080/13607863.2020.1720596

Green, O., Gum, A.M., Greene, J., Ayalon, L.,  Chiriboga, D.A., &  Brown, L. M. (2020). Should I've stayed or should I've gone? What residents of continuing care retirement communities and former candidates think and feel one year after their decision: A quantitative longitudinal comparison. Ageing and Society, 40 (1), 25-26. Doi: 10.1017/S0144686X1800096X

Park, N. S., Lee, B. S., Chiriboga, D. A., & Chung, S. (accepted for publication, 2020). Loneliness as a mediator in the relationship between social engagement and depressive symptoms: Age differences among community-dwelling Korean adults. Journal of Health & Social Care in the Community.

Jang, Y.,  Choi, E., Rhee, M-K.,  Park, N.S.,  Chiriboga, D.A., & Kim, M.T. (online 10-2019). Determinants of Self-Rated Cognitive Health in Older Korean Americans. The Gerontologist. doi: 10.1093/geront/gnz134  

Chiriboga, D.A., Park, N.S, Gilbert, K., Molinari, V.A., & Barnes, M. (2019). Cognitive Status of Newly-Enrolled Participants of Dementia-Specific Adult Day Care and Burden of Their Caregivers.  Innovation in Aging, 3 (3), https://doi.org/10.1093/geroni/igz013

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Jang, Y., Yoon, H., Park, N. S., Rhee, M., & Chiriboga, D. A. (2019). Mental health service use and unmet need for mental health care in Asian Americans. Community Mental Health Journal, 55(2), 241-248. doi.org/10.1007/s10597-018-0348-3
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Kim, G., Kim, M., Park, S., Jimenez, D. E., & Chiriboga, D. A. (2019 online). Limited English proficiency and trajectories of depressive symptoms among Mexican American elders. The Gerontologist. doi:10.1093/geront/gny032.